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    Plasti Dip® Primer



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    Product Description

    Color: Acrylic Coating
    Size: 11oz / 311g

    Use With Plasti Dip® Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating

    Plasti Dip® Primer is an air dry, acrylic primer specifically developed to increase adhesion of Plasti Dip® to metals and/or shiny surfaces by up to 400%.

    Plasti Dip® Primer can be easily applied by spraying, dipping or brushing and offers fast set up time with a high coverage rate. Typically applied in one application, only extreme corrosion and abrasion require a second or third coat, eliminating extensive preparation for most applications.

    Plasti Dip® Primer is recommended on:

    • All metal surfaces, especially galvanized, to prevent peeling of Plasti Dip®.
    • For best results apply Plasti Dip® over primer as soon as it is dry to the touch.
    • Plasti Dip® Primer is not recommended for use as a protective coating on its own.


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