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    How long does Plasti Dip® last?

    If properly applied, Plasti Dip® could last as long as 3 years without having to be retouched. It’s very durable and will not lose its bond. The spray distance when applying as well as the amount of coats applied will heavily determine the longevity of the product. After 3 years, or during the three years if desired, a new refresher coat can be easily applied.

    Will it hold up to the elements (sun, rain)?

    Plasti Dip® is extremely resistant to the elements, including sun exposure, winter ice, cold, salt etc. A lot of customers actually dip their wheels and cars specifically to protect the original surfaces from the winter season. Please keep in mind however that Fluorescent and Blaze products are subject to fading after prolonged UV exposure. This only happens with these two items due to the fluorescent pigments utilized.

    Will it hold up to heat and racing?

    Plasti Dip® is heat resistant up to 93 degrees C. Dipped wheels have a great record holding up to the heat and abuse from racing or rally events.

    Can I dip my brand new or newly painted car?

    When considering dipping new or newly repainted cars, DYC Asia recommends testing your paint before any plasti dip application. Apply the product to a small inconspicuous area and remove the dip after it’s dried ensure the new paint is cured enough to withstand the application and removal process. Testing is always suggested before dipping a repainted or repaired car.

    Does it really peel off?

    Yes, Plasti Dip® really does peel off. We always suggest a minimum of 4-5 coats, not only for durability, but to make sure it peels off in large pieces when you are ready.

    How many coats should I put on?

    DYC Asia always suggests a minimum of 4-5 coats. Wheels, etc. may benefit from an extra couple coats for good measure.

    How should I prep my wheels or car before dipping?

    DYC Asia always suggests using PreDip Spray and paper towels to prep the wheels or car before dipping. This will eliminate and grease, oil, dirt, debris or wax that may hinder the dip’s ability to bond. Allow the surface to dry completely, any moisture (even if it is not visible, behind body panels or trim) could negatively affect the bonding process and lead to bubbling. A clean and dry surface is essential.

    Should I mask my tires or spray Dip directly onto them?

    Plasti Dip, for most customers, will peel directly off the tires. How easily the dip will peel off the tires depends on how dry your tires are. If your tires look or feel dry, we suggest applying a very thin layer of tire shine on your tires before applying the dip. This will make sure the dip releases easily from the tires. Make sure not to get any of the tire shine on the surface or edge of the wheel! Tire shine stops dip from adhering to your wheel surface, so if you choose to apply it, apply it very carefully.

    Will Plasti Dip work exactly the same on every car, every surface?

    Although Plasti Dip works and behaves exactly the same for most users, there are certainly specific circumstances in which the Plasti Dip could not behave as expected. The age of the car, the condition of the clear coat, if you have already done a DIY paint job on the surface, etc. are all possible factors that could effect the way the Plasti Dip bonds, peels, or the covers. Although most users will have a predictable and trouble free experience with dip, we suggest you do a small test spot on the surfaces you will be dipping before you begin your project.

    Could Plasti Dip damage my clear coat?

    DYC has been using Plasti Dip on cars for over 5 years, and we have experienced zero damage to the cars we have dipped, peeled and re-dipped. However every car, and every situation is unique. Even with Plasti Dip’s great track record, we still recommend dipping a small test spot on your car before dipping the entire thing. Especially consider longer test phases with cars that have been re-painted. Every paint shop will use different types and amounts of clear coat – and Plasti Dip can’t possibly guarantee the exact same result on every unique paint job.

    How/Can I wash the dipped areas of my car?

    Dipped items/cars can be easily hand washed with regular car wash soap. We highly recommend our well known DipWasher and DipWash products here available at Car Washing Accessories.

    Can I use Plasti Dip® as a clear protective bra for the front of my car?

    Of course! We have hundreds of customers that use the Original Clear Plasti Dip® as a protective clear bra. Works great!

    How can I protect my Plasti Dip® and ensure it stays in the best condition?

    We developed the Dip Coat™ Protective Spray for exactly this reason; to protect your Dip and keep it looking great. Dip Coat™ will give your Dip an improved, slick feel that will help to resist marring, scratches, staining, and it will be easier to clean. Dip Coat™ also protects against damaging UV rays.

    Can I Plasti Dip over head lights and tail lights?

    In our experience, we have found that Plasti Dip peels easily off most lights. However, we have found a few types of head lights or tail lights that does not respond well with Plasti Dip. Our suggestion, to be safe, is to always mask off head lights and tail lights to ensure there is no negative reaction.

    How far away should I spray Plasti Dip®?

    The usual recommended spray distance is between 4-5 inches away for aerosol cans and about 8-10 inches when using our DipSprayer System. For visual reference, watch Fonzie spray here: www.YouTube.com/DipYourCar.

    Do you sell Plasti Dip® in Gallons?

    Yes! We sell Plasti Dip® Gallons individually. You can save by purchasing gallons for larger area application.

    Can Plasti Dip® be sprayed out of a spraygun?

    Of course! We have shops and customers all over the country who spray our Plasti Dip® through all kinds of sprayers and spray guns. Pre-thinned Plasti Dip® is also available in Gallons! It comes ready to spray.

    How many gallons would I need to dip a whole car?

    Every vehicle will require a specific amount of Plasti Dip® and this amount can vary depending on the size of your vehicle, its current color and the color you would like to Dip it. We suggesting contacting DYC Asia at (+65) 6841 1333 or sales@dycasia.com.sg to give you the recommended amount of product for your vehicle.

    How can I get the best results with Plasti Dip® Aerosol?

    When using cans of Plasti Dip®, make sure to shake well before use. The cans should not be stored below room temperature before application. Hold the cans upright and do not point lower than a 45% angle to the ground to avoid drips and splatter.

    Do I need to use base coats?

    We always recommend Gunmetal Grey base coats for white and light colored vehicles (unless you’re Dipping the car White). Gunmetal Grey can also improve the the coverage of Yellow, Red, and in general can help extreme color transitions (a darker paint to a light Dip or light paint to a dark Dip).

    Is it possible to achieve a High Gloss finish?

    Yes, for the a High Gloss finish DYC Asia recommends the new DipPearl TopCoat. For the maximum level of gloss, a minimum of 3 finishing coats is recommended over an existing plasti dip base.

    Can DipPearls be added to the DipPearl TopCoat?

    Yes, in fact you’ll find the best results by adding DipPearls to the DipPearl TopCoat. Because of its outstanding level of clarity and suspension properties, the topcoat work is ideal for use with pearl and flake additives. When applied over pearl-mixed coats the DipPearl TopCoat can create visible depth to your plasti dip surface.

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    Please check your item(s) immediately upon arrival, for wrong item(s) kindly inform us within 3 days of receiving it and return the item(s) to us within 7 days. In the event that customer received a defective item(s), please ensure that the item(s) is not opened and return in a brand new condition.

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