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    Dip Coat™ Protective Spray



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    Product Description

    Dip Coat™ Protective Spray – 32oz

    • Protects Dipped Surfaces from surface scratches and marring
    • Creates a smoother, slicker, less rubbery feel of dipped surfaces
    • Enhances colors and pearl finishes of dipped surfaces
    • Daily UV protection – Protects dip from staining
    • Makes dipped surfaces easier to wash

    Dip Coat™ FAQ

    How often should I apply Dip Coat™?

    • Apply two full applications of Dip Coat™ on a vehicle that is being coated for the first time. Moving forward, apply one light coat of Dip Coat™ after every thorough car wash, or once every 7-14 days depending on preference.

    Does Dip Coat™ need time to cure or fully dry?

    • Dip Coat™ will be dry to the touch in 5-10 minutes, but does need 24 hours to fully cure and reach it’s optimal level of performance and protection.

    How long will one bottle of Dip Coat™ last?

    • Each application on a standard sized car uses approximately 2 ounces of Dip Coat™. If applied even once a week, one 32 ounce bottle should last up to 4 months.

    How long should I wait to apply Dip Coat™ to a freshly dipped surface or car?

    • Please allow 60 minutes of drying time on a freshly dipped surface before applying Dip Coat™.

    Does Dip Coat™ effect Plasti Dip’s ability to be peeled?

    • Dip Coat™ does not in any way affect Plasti Dip’s ability to be peeled.

    Will the UV protection from Dip Coat™ protect a fluorescent color from fading?

    • The UV protection level in Dip Coat™ is designed to help dipped surfaces withstand daily UV exposure. It is not suggested to be used as an application to save fluorescent colors or pigments from fading. Please use the Plasti Dip Glossifier with Fadebuster for that application.

    Will Dip Coat™ make my surface completely scratch-proof?

    • Dip Coat™ excels at protecting dipped surfaces from daily wear and tear, marring and surface scratches. The product must be applied regularly and correctly to perform at it’s optimal level. Nothing will make dipped surfaces scratch-proof and however the layer of protection that Dip Coat™ provides can still be broken or compromised under certain circumstances, so please always treat your dipped surface with care.

    Can I dip over a Dip Coated Surface?

    • Dip Coat™ will not prevent future dip from bonding to a Dip Coated surface. More coats of new dip can be applied over previously Dip Coated surfaces.


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