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  • Classic-Muscle-Daytona-Yellow
    Classic-Muscle-Daytona-Yellow Daytona Yellow

    Classic Muscle Daytona Yellow



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    Product Description

    Color: Daytona Yellow
    Size: 11oz / 311g

    Plasti Dip® Classic Muscle brings back the eye catching, high energy colors that made American Muscle Cars the envy of all the world. Durable, flexible and waterproof, Classic Muscle protects your stuff while making it cool.

    Plasti Dip® Aerosol spray is perfect for easy application of smaller areas like emblems, wheels, mirrors, motorcycle fairings and much more. Plasti Dip® is a multi-purpose, air dry, synthetic rubber coating excellent for many automotive projects such as coating your wheels, changing the look of your whole car with a great matte look and protecting your paint from dents and scratches.

    Plasti Dip® protective coating is also ideal for a broad array of do-it-yourself projects around the home, garage, garden and elsewhere. It protects coated items against moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion, skidding/slipping and provides a comfortable, controlled grip.(Non-skid grit can also be added.)


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